Mike Noder for Spokane Mayor

Mike Noder – 2015 Spokane Mayoral Candidate

The city of Spokane controls valuable assets that are often poorly utilized or primarily used to benefit a favored few. Our city government should not be in the favor business, but it is and has been so in a big way. ~ Mike For Spokane 

*** Top Priorities As Mayor ***

  • Increase the value citizens receive for the tax and ratepayer dollars they spend.

  • Reduce the number of petty & conflicting regulations in Spokane.

  • Stand against unwarranted intrusions by federal, state & county agencies in the lives of Spokane citizens.

  • Reduce property crime and increase white collar crime enforcement. Watch Video

  • Defend property rights & restrain government levies, assessments & civil forfeitures. Watch Video

  • Long-term infrastructure planning with much lower cost per mile for roads and utilities.

  • End GC/CM contracting that inflate the cost of public works projects.

  • Rotate accounting staff and stop relying exclusively on state audits that encourage waste.

  • Civil defense & disaster preparedness.¬† Backup communications built into infrastructure planning.

  • Repair leaking water lines that are losing 20% percent of their loads. Watch Video

  • Resolve environmental questions surrounding the WTE Plant. (stack testing/soil testing & misleading recycling statistics)

  • Reduce the overall cost and scope of government in the lives of Spokane Citizens.