White Wing Extremist Holiday?


  For some reason American Exceptionalism has been referred to as a white legacy of hate and bigotry, but independence from Britain and the ensuing centuries of prosperity was never a “white thing.” Slavery was going to end with or … Continue reading →

Mike For Spokane Update: Grand Hotel and City Council Objections Over Environmental Clean-Up Bill


Mike for Spokane looks at recent objections voiced by Spokane City Council members over public funds being used to pay for environmental remediation at the site of the New Grand Hotel in Downtown Spokane.           Part … Continue reading →

Spokane Asks Mike

Dear Spokane,  Please consider my response to questions asked by concerned citizens and area organizations: 1.     With the new increases in water rates, garbage and sewage rates and a new $20.00 increase in license tabs, what will you do, as … Continue reading →