Mike For Spokane Update for the Week of June 7th 2015


Mike for Spokane update for the week of June 14, 2015. Police oversight & national controversy involving Chairman of the Spokane Police Ombudsman Committee, Sheriff’s pending Town Hall meeting, Sanctuary City status, Mandatory Sick Leave and Sweet Public/Private deals involving … Continue reading →

Spokane Money, Press & Politics

    While the Spokane press drones on about the evils of money in politics, it appears  they generally afford coverage to only those they favor or that purchase their advertising. Judging from previous elections, the daily paper in particular … Continue reading →

Spokane Solid Waste

The recent Spokane County proposed Regional Solid Waste Alliance Agreement is a troubling document.   The Spokane County Commissioners are requiring area jurisdictions to surrender the right to  choose their own representatives under this contract.  The demands for flow control, which … Continue reading →