Citizen Oversight


The Spokane Police Ombudsman Committee has been revealed to be little more than a scam. There continues to be no independent citizen oversight of local law enforcement.  Mike for Spokane provides a proposal for a quick and inexpensive  solution to … Continue reading →

Spokane Sanctuary City Status


Spokane Sanctuary City status came before the city council on July 13.  The city council is still considering a ballot initiative challenging this status. Sanctuary city status has become an increasingly controversial issue across the country.  There has been proposed … Continue reading →

Mike For Spokane Update: Grand Hotel and City Council Objections Over Environmental Clean-Up Bill


Mike for Spokane looks at recent objections voiced by Spokane City Council members over public funds being used to pay for environmental remediation at the site of the New Grand Hotel in Downtown Spokane.           Part … Continue reading →

Police Oversight Irregularities

police_officer_cartoon-268x300 (Large) (Custom)

The findings from an independent investigation conducted by the law firm Winston Cashatt was released to the public last last week.  This investigation looked into the conduct of individual members of Spokane Police Ombudsman Committee and found numerous irregularities that … Continue reading →