Spokesman Review Questions

  Spokesman Review Spokane Mayor Candidate Questions Background: Name: Michael J. Noder Age: 53 Birthday: August 1, 1957 High School: Cheney H.S., Ben Eielson H.S. in Fairbanks, Alaska & Chicopee Comprehensive in Massachusetts.  (Military Dependent during H.S. years) High School … Continue reading →

Citizen Speaks

June 13th post ~ “Got A Strong Mayor” Comments from June 30, 2011 We, the citizens should be consulted and allowed to vote on such increases. We have plenty of water. We live on top of an aquafir. We are … Continue reading →

Spokane Labor Council, AFL-CIO


  Spokane Labor Council Questions Spokane Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education Candidate Questionnaire 2011 Submitted by Michael J. Noder Candidate for:  City of Spokane Mayor E-Mail address:  mike@mikeforspokane.com Website:  mikeforspokane.com Your Occupation:  Self Employed Years of resident … Continue reading →