Spokane Asks Mike

Dear Spokane,

 Please consider my response to questions asked by concerned citizens and area organizations:

1.     With the new increases in water rates, garbage and sewage rates and a new $20.00 increase in license tabs, what will you do, as our strong Mayor, to curb the ever increasing costs of basic public services?

Answer:  I intend to bring the cost of basic city services back in line with open market prices through more competitive public & private bidding & contracting practices; improve the reliability and usability of city accounting information upon which public decisions and resulting cost impacts are based; create and expand Spokane City employee incentives for increasing value for Spokane tax and rate dollars.    


2.     As strong mayor, which actions will you take to make sure the city will remain accountable for its financial decisions?

Answer:  I will demand understandable accounting standards with relevant performance metrics; adopt free and near free digital information platforms to improve the speed, clarity, usability and distribution of municipal information.  I will make myself regularly available for on-camera discussions with citizens and rate payers about any appearances of malfeasance or self-dealing by government institutions or their proxies. 

 3.   To many, it seems that our government is more concerned with its own interests at the expense of the publics’ interests. As strong mayor, how will you represent the interests of the public? 

Answer: By restoring the role of government to its proper place in the citizens’ lives and making politically self-serving actions far less easy.  

 Some powers afforded local governments are actually reserved for individual citizens under our Constitutional Republic.

Many government agencies and employees need to be reminded of the primary objective of our government and many of our elected representatives need to remember what they promised their fellow citizens the day they assumed governmental power.  The conditions I ascribe are fundamental to economic power and free people.

 4.    What will be your strategy as strong mayor to reduce behind closed-door governing and include more citizen input?  

Answer: I don’t expect to require many closed-door meetings and will be highly inclined to video record any closed-door meeting that staff or city legal counsel might demand.

5.    You’re not accepting campaign contributions per se but you are raising money for charities.  How are you going to win this campaign without this financial benefit?

Answer:   I am not campaigning to win an election.  I am campaigning to make my home and city a better place.    

Some of the biggest problems in Spokane lie with the power and conduct of the major political parties and our daily press.  I believe Spokane is better off if I do not add to these problems and only present myself as an alternative to the existing money driven political environment. 

 The people are free to vote for a sign or a slogan if they so choose; however, those who assert that I am not a viable candidate unless I raise and spend large sums of money are often  those selling large amounts of advertising and marketing services to the Spokane Community. 

My campaign is “Mike for Spokane”, not, “Buy Mike a Job.”  ~ Michael J. Noder


More Questions and comments at: mikeforspokane.com

Spokane Money, Press & Politics



While the Spokane press drones on about the evils of money in politics, it appears  they generally afford coverage to only those they favor or that purchase their advertising. Judging from previous elections, the daily paper in particular seems to have little interest in candidates that  refuse to be conflicted by money and special interests.

I can’t blame Dave Condon for raising large sums of money, when considering the manner our current mayor uses city assets to promote herself; however, neither tactic benefits the Spokane community over the personal careers of individual candidates.


Spokane City Government has become a strong argument for locating and investing in Post Falls and other regional communities where water and most other basic municipal services can be purchased at a discount.

Spokane has suffered from a long-line of,  “Pied Pipers” playing an environmental song,  while often blissfuly unaware of science, economics and even the actual environment.

Waste Management, Inc. must surely love Spokane, which per capita is likely one its most lucrative markets in the entire nation. Our little public/private venture is actually a public monopoly masquerading as a noble environmental effort that financially benefits a few over the interests of the general rate-paying public.

Spokane must stop sending children to negotiate with wolfs, or we will continue to watch jobs and opportunities migrate away.  Loading up the citizens with excessive revenue demands and future generations with more debt is not a path that I will lead Spokane down. ~ Mike Noder